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18 Healthy Salmon Recipes

To Boost Your Omega-3s

R E C I P E  I N S P I R A T I O N !

A delicious collection of 18 healthy and nutritious salmon recipes that will support your overall well-being!

 S A L M O N  S A S H I M I

Thin slices of sushi-grade salmon are gently bathing in a citrusy  ponzu sauce in this impressive, melt-in-your-mouth appetizer!


M I S O  G L A Z E D  S A L M O N

Sweet, savory, and full of umami flavoring and omega-3s, this baked miso salmon recipe is beyond easy to make!


T E R I Y A K I  S A L M O N  B O W L S

Savory and full of umami, these delicious teriyaki salmon rice bowls will leave you nourished and satisfied!


C U R R Y  S A L M O N  K E B A B S

A super tasty recipe that's fast and healthy, these mildly spicy Red Curry Salmon Kebabs have all the flavor, and none of the guilt!


W I L D  S A L M O N  B U R G E R S

Sink your teeth into these delicious, omega-3-packed, wild salmon burgers topped with a crunchy, tangy Asian broccoli slaw, and a spicy aioli!


S A L M O N  A N D  B R O C C O L I   S T I R  F R Y

This healthy salmon and broccoli stir-fry recipe is so easy to prepare. You can make this favorite, take-out style dish at home!


S A L M O N  S U S H I  B O W L

This deconstructed, no-fuss salmon sushi bowl will satisfy all of your sushi cravings without having to go out. Comes together in just 10 minutes!


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